Agency9’s vision is to make high-performance three dimensional visualization, 3D, available for everyone and everywhere.

Business Idea

To provide web-based services for 3D visualisation in mapping solutions to organisations for improved communication with end users and gained financial value. Our solutions are open, customisable and high-performance for a mass market environment.


Agency9 AB was founded in 2003. The company is privately owned and headquartered in Sweden. Values are:

  • Solutions to organisations for the end user
  • Innovation in features and delivery
  • Professionalism and quality

Initially the 3D engine AgentFX was the solution and the gaming industry the target market. AgentFX was a pioneer in implementing the 3D standards, and thus is fully compatible with the standards like Collada, OpenGL and Direct3D. Madlix is a registered trademark for 3D mobile messaging applications powered by AgentFX. Madlix applications are currently distributed by SonyEricsson, Fox Mobile, Jamba, Jamster worldwide. The heritage from gaming and mobile applications brings unparalelled capabilities to the visualisation platform 3DMaps.

Kontaktperson: Håkan Engman
Adress: Luleå Science Park, Aurorum 6, 977 75 Luleå
Telefonnummer: +46 (0)70-305 77 07