Alkit Communications

Alkit Communications is a Swedish company providing advanced solutions, tools and concepts for automotive, eHealth and distributed collaborative work.

The company cooperates extensively with automotive industry, telecom industry, hospitals, primary care units, county councils, municipalities, elderly unities, ministries, national authorities, universities and research institutes and has a significant focus on creating new types of IT-based services for strategically new concepts. Alkit is participating in several national and international research and development projects and an extending number of services are put on the market. The product portfolio comprises systems and tools for automotive development and testing, eHealth, distributed collaborative work, including tools for video-mediated communication and Big Data. Furthermore, Alkit Communications has a profound expertise in medical and nursing information and communication systems, and participates in the development of next generation patient centered eHealth systems.

One example of an extensive IT-platform is the WICE system for automotive.



Adress: Luleå Science Park, Aurorum 2, våning 5, 977 75 Luleå
Telefonnummer: +46 (0)31 67 55 40