BehavioSec offers Behaviometric solutions for Risk Based Authentication & Verification of end users and is designed to tackle the security demands of both IT organizations and e-commerce.

We offer two distinct solutions based on Behavioral biometrics:

  • A clientless, browser based, keystroke-only solution for online/web.
  • A desktop offering, akin to a virus scanner, which monitors both keystroke & mouse behaviour, detecting anomalies in real-time.

Our solution creates digital fingerprint from an end-users behavior to make sure that they are
always protected by verifying their identity continuously while they are using their computer or
accessing sensitive on-line services.Consider it like, virtually, having them holding their finger
on a fingerprint reader at all times. i.e. every time they access a bank account, online shopping
site or enter payment details but without the hassle of cumbersome security measures or
additional hardware.

BehavioSec adds a new layer of security that avoids fraud, prevents identity theft and stop intrusions while it is happening.

Adress: Luleå Science Park, Aurorum 8, 977 75 Luleå
Telefonnummer: +46 (0)920-750 45