Future Ordering

App, web and kiosk ordering perfected in the cloud. Whether you are a chain or a global franchise organisation, you need a flexible self-ordering offering.
With a single application for app, web and kiosk ordering channels, that seamlessly integrates with your loyalty, marketing, operations and point of sale – Future Ordering keeps the revenue high and the total cost of ownership low.
A true multi-channel, cloud platform offered as a SaaS, built based on years of experience and millions of transactions in multinational environments.

Kontaktperson: Petter Edin, Platschef
 Luleå Science Park, Aurorum 2, 977 75 Luleå
Telefonnummer:+46 (0)70-834 36 07
E-postadress: petter.edin@futureordering.com
Webbplats: www.futureordering.com