International summit in Luleå & Piteå, 26-28th of February 2020

The test- and demonstration industry in northern Sweden have grown from winter testing of cars in the late 60s – into a proving ground for a variety of industries, all the way from vehicles to space and mining. Recently, a strong focus of the region have been to quickly implement and scale up green innovations in industrial companies, to speed up the sustainability transition of a variety of industries. From all over the world, industry-leading companies have come to northern Sweden to scale up their new innovations and to shorten the formative phase.

In a manifestation of this development, and to raise awareness around the world of the opportunities that the region offers in speeding up the scaling of innovations and speeding up the green transition, Invest in Norrbotten are hosting a global summit – Demo North.

During the 26-28th of February 2020, a delegation of international guests including industry leaders, investors and institutions will be invited to Luleå and Piteå. Through keynote speeches from leaders of local companies, and technical visits on industrial sites around the region, the attendees will get a firsthand insight into all the initiatives of speeding up the green industrial transition that is going on.

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