Are you one of the great Swedish startups using AI technology to work towards a better future? Previously there was no platform to showcase and connect these great innovations, with not only each other, but also early investors and potential customers. Without this many fail to discover the benefits of AI due to their lack of expertise. 

This is why AI SwedenIgnite Sweden and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden joined forces to create the Swedish AI Startup Landscape with great startups from all over the country! This database features quality AI startups and gives promising companies like yours a visible platform to showcase your solutions and technology. It also makes it easier for corporations, SMEs, investors and stakeholders, among others, to access AI partners they can trust.

The landscape opens new horizons for startups while also contributing to the application of AI in Sweden. A win-win for both startups and the country!

The Swedish landscape is part of the European AI Startup Landscape that today features 800+ AI startups from France, Germany, Norway, The Netherlands and Sweden.

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