Friday’s breakfast kicked off with a bang! Chana Svensson from Minddig provided an overview of the global developments in the green transition from a workforce perspective. We’ve all witnessed the various natural disasters occurring around the world, including floods here in Sweden. This makes it even more crucial for us in northern Sweden to recognize our potential to drive a genuine green transition. However, the responsibility doesn’t solely rest on industries; it’s everyone’s duty to find and attract the expertise needed to create sustainable goods, services, and communities.

Did you know that Silicon Valley comprises 38.7% of     international employees? At Luleå Science Park, we boast 28 nationalities – a fact that fills us with pride. Yet, how can we further contribute to attracting international talent to our ecosystem? There’s a lot we can do, ranging from the substantial – like attracting top-tier expertise within the Rise network for significant EU projects like EDIHs in HPC, AI, etc. – to the small gestures, like offering a smile and a welcome to new faces, inviting them for a casual coffee.

Every action matters in our journey to shape a sustainable, green, and innovative northern Sweden.